Meeting Minutes



Venue: Hosahalli Thanda
Tarikere, Taluq
Chikkamagalur Dist
Date: Sunday July 22, 2018

With great pleasure I would like to present this report of our recently completed health camp at the above location. At the outset I would like to thank and congratulate you all for successfully launching this unique health camp in all aspects, probably the first of its kind in India.  

We are the few fortunate people who have access to the many medical specialties under one roof in the modernly built hospital across the metro cities. In this health camp, we were able to replicate the same model but taking it to the door steps of the poor people. Just like you all experienced the adventurous, at times treacherous drive in the soggy weather, unable get any control or traction to our vehicle which was skidding away. Along with that was the living conditions of these people in a remote place gives us the picture of how lucky we are. What was more important was that many of you were just happy and excited to help these unfortunate people and provide them with your expertise and guidance. This may not cure or help them permanently but it is just the beginning of our efforts to help those who are less fortunate.  

Our team of doctors included many specialists and super specialists such as General medicine, surgery, cardiovascular services, ophthalmology, OBG, paediatrics, orthopeadics, ENT, oncology, dentistry and to add to the feather was our own traditional medicine, Ayurveda and panchakarma. Patients were able to get every necessary care at one time, under one roof by well trained team of doctors. By making these facilities available, I refer this camp to be a unique or probably the first of its kind in India. 

Total number of patients benefited from this camp were 552 (Five hundred and fifty two) and more (few more arrived later).  Age group ranged from 2 years to 90 years with various clinical presentation and pathologies. Majority were with non communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cataract, arthritis and nutritional related diseases. Occupational related injuries, especially chronic back pain were noted in large numbers. It was interesting to see many diabetics and hypertensive were young! Most alarming health hazard I noticed was the lack of education/awareness, non compliance to medications, non availability of few services and approachability. 

Break down of newly detected HTN/DM among patients more than 30 years of age who were screened by NHM team (Total 224 patients) :


Male:  19

Female: 21

Total Incidence: 18%


Male: 6

Female: 4

Total Incidence: 4.5%

Both HTN and DM—

Male: 3

Female: 3

Cataracts detected were significant. 

Oncological diagnosis (prevalent)— 3

Future concerns: Given that the incidence of both diabetes and hypertension is significant, along with that is the lack of education/awareness, non compliance as well as non availability of adequate medications, this will lead to various vascular related complications/consequences including cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, renal failure and peripheral arterial disease. All these will increase the financial burden on the society and also worsen the disability status resulting in lack of earning capabilities. With increasing healthcare expenses, this will be a double edge sword not just for the community but also for the economy of the country. 

Resolution: “Prevention is better than cure”. We need to focus more on the education of the masses, healthcare providers and work on improving the living conditions of these people. Using all available proven methods/options (traditional and western medicine) appropriately would help reduce this burden. From NSDA we will plan to have brochures or educational materials made available to the village administrators and empower the local educational institutions to take up on the awareness program for the students, much early in their age. For those who already have established diseases, we will need to provide point of contact locally (which is already existing) for closer follow up. NSDA along with KTDCL should form a health and education wing to appropriately guide the team to achieve necessary goal.  

List of doctors with their specialty:  

General Medicine:

  • Dr. Manjunath Kore (House surgeon, SIMS, Shimoga)
  • Dr. Umesh.D
  • Dr. Sonam Naik
  • Dr. Nagaraj Talikoti (House surgeon, SIMS, Shimoga)
  • Dr. Manunath Mundargi (House surgeon, SIMS, Shimoga)
  • Prof. Vasudev Naik
  • Dr. Nayana Aithal (House surgeon, SIMS, Shimoga)
  • Dr. Mudra Puranik (House surgeon, SIMS, Shimoga)


General Surgery:

  • Dr. Deepak Chavan


Cardiovascular Services:

  • Dr. Girish R. Mood
  • Dr. Rakesh Naik 



  • Prof. Sujatha Rathod
  • Dr. Sunitha Gurunath



  • Dr. Mamatha Naik
  • Dr. Vijayalakshmi R.C



  • Dr. Pallavi Naik 


  • Dr. Gopal Naik
  • Dr. Harish Naik
  • Dr. Jayalakshmi 



  • Dr. Gopya Naik



  • Dr. Purushottam Chavan



  • Dr. Purushottam Chavan
  • Dr. Manjunath



  • Dr. Chetan Naik
  • Dr. Priyanka Chetan



  • Dr. Raghu Kattimani
  • Dr. Mangal singh Jadhav
  • Dr. Suresh M.G
  • Dr. Somashekar Rathod
  • Dr. Nagaraj Naik