We Banjara’s have had a long illustrious tradition of being honest and hard working. During these periods of evolution, often fast paced, we have lost to catch up with the development and in fact have hurt our growth due to health related issues which are still prevalent in the communities which are largely living in the under developed and rural conditions. Even though we are somewhat catching up with the modern world but often mismatched in the society.


Our hard work and quest for knowledge has given us opportunities to exceed at times but this has been scattered. Under the umbrella of NSDA (National Seva Doctors Association), we want to come together and gather force to help our fellow beings with health education, provide available care and guide appropriately. Let us join hands to grow this organisation to be the guiding force for everyone.


Art of healing was mastered by our ancestors centuries ago. History has shown how our neighbours were keen to learn this art by hook or crook. We are now in the midst of a generation where staying healthy has become a challenge with more discovery of disease than finding cure. Currently medical science has become an art of “maintenance of disease” than health education or  prevention. In this bargain of modernisation we do have many qualified medical and healthcare professionals who can work together to spread the knowledge and art of healthcare.

Under this umbrella we welcome each and every professional from Ayurveda, English (modern medicine), Homeopathy, Unani, and Local medicine to share and contribute their knowledge to help improve health of our community.  As we say “Prevention is better than cure”, let us come together and explore all available options from ancient to traditional to modern choices.  After all, a healthy mind, body and spirit is the goal!